What I Feed My Vegan Dogs, Introducing Shadow & Petcurean Endless Valley Gather Review

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you about my newest rescue, Shadow. I'll explain what she and Jamal eat and why they eat vegan food. I’m also going to do a review of the food that I’m feeding them. 


I recently adopted a new family member named Shadow. She’s from California, but a Saskatchewan shelter rescued her from a kill shelter. Shadow was with a foster family in Edmonton for 6 months before we got her. We found her listing on Kijiji and immediately fell in love with this sweet girl. 

A bit of her background: terrified of humans, shakes and trembles around any human or anything scary (even going outside or for a walk), nerve damage on her tongue, anxious, etc. We knew we were perfect for her because the listing said she needed someone who was home a lot, and also another dog to draw confidence from. We both work from home, and already have a dog, so it was perfect! It’s been exactly one month now and she’s come so far. She’s totally comfortable around us, eats lots of treats, sleeps in our bed, and even wags :')

Shadow’s foster mom said she was allergic to chicken and most dog food. Her ears would get very hot and she always had terrible breath. As soon as we got Shadow, we switched her to Endless Valley Gather by Petcurean. I’ve tried other vegan dog foods in the past, but thankfully we started feeding Jamal the food around 1 month before we got Shadow so we could see how he liked it. 

So, that’s a bit of Shadow’s story. We wanted to change her name, but she’s so responsive to it so we kept it. Her latest foster mom gave her that name - Shadow has been in and out of foster homes because no one wanted to be patient with how terrified of everything she is. Her name was given to her because she’s either always hiding in the shadows, or following her people around like a shadow. She’s around 3 years old and gets along so well with Jamal it’s really amazing. 

What I Feed My Dogs

As mentioned above, I feed my dogs GATHER Endless Valley by Petcurean, which is a vegan formula. My favourite part about this company is the fact that their GATHER food is organic! I’m someone who cares about the food I put in my body, so of course, I care what goes into my dog's bodies too. I also feed them homemade treats. 

How Much Do I Feed Them?

Both of my dogs free feed. We have a bowl of food out all day for Jamal, and he typically just likes to eat at night, sometimes during the day too. But he’ll just eat when he’s hungry and stop when he’s done. 

Shadow has been a bit more difficult to feed. She is too scared to eat out of Jamal’s bowl (even though she drinks water from his bowl) so we give her food in a little container. She only eats if we put the food right in front of her and encourage her to do it. 

Why Petcurean?

I love supporting local companies whenever I can, and Petcurean is based out of British Columbia, my neighbour province. GATHER Endless Valley uses organic peas as a main ingredient. These peas are sourced from Farmer Direct, a farming co-operative based in Saskatchewan – another Canadian connection 😊. Farmer Direct’s sustainability practices include rebuilding the soil through proper crop rotations, preventing topsoil erosion with cover crops, protecting shared waterways and air by never using toxic herbicides and pesticides, and honouring a farmer's right to independence by never using genetically engineered seeds.

Back to Endless Valley, peas are great because they’re full of nutrients, they're a great source of carbohydrates, contain lots of protein, along with many essential minerals and vitamins. Peas have almost all of the essential amino acids that dogs need, so in addition to peas, this recipe contains other plant proteins as well to ensure your dog does get all those amino assets that he needs.

They have lots of fibre (both insoluble and soluble) along with resistant starch so they’re amazing for digestion. Both my dogs have really good digestion and never struggle. They do poop more eating this food though than non-vegan food. 

Peas also have antioxidants which can help fight cancer. They can also lower insulin levels for obese dogs, and while Jamal isn’t obese, he definitely needs to lose weight for his own health. He’s already been slimming down since eating this food! 

One more reason that I love this company is because they’re environmentally conscious. I’m just getting into zero waste living and I am conscious about what I buy and the impact it has on the environment. Even the packing contains 30% plant-based material. 

Finally, Petcurean has a Ph.D. in pet nutrition. They have a senior nutritionist who knows all about the science of formulating amazing and healthy pet food. I have zero worries about the vegan formula that they created because I know it was thoroughly researched so that it’s safe and nourishing for dogs. They put pets first and truly care about their customers. 


Vegan Treats

If you live in Canada, Bulk Barn has a few vegan treat options that I sometimes buy. They have peanut butter, pumpkin, and banana. I’ve been making my own dog treats on and off for the past couple of years, but last month I committed to making all their treats instead of buying any. It’s way healthier for them, they enjoy it more, and it’s cheaper too! 

I never follow a recipe when I make them but I’m going to create a few recipes soon. I use ingredients like mashed baked sweet potato, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, peanut butter, oats, ground flax seeds, etc. They always get a couple of these a day :) 

I think that’s everything! If you want more information about why I feed my dogs vegan you can read my full blog post about it here. If you have any questions about vegan dogs you can always leave a comment or email/message me on Instagram @vegan_emily