Moving Into A Travel Trailer!


Tiny house versus travel trailer. It’s a difficult decision for many and there’s so many pros and cons for each one.

If you watch my YouTube videos, you might know we were planning on building a tiny house since last summer. We even somehow managed to put $9k down on it from our line of credits. I originally only wanted to do the tiny house if it was going to cost 30k or less. We quickly realized that’s basically impossible 😭 the price kept going up and up and that was with us building everything except for the shell. We were looking at close to 60k, which we literally wouldn’t even be able to afford because we didn’t get approved for financing so we would have been living in an empty shell haha. Even the cost of our trailer to build it on skyrocketed after something to do with Trump’s steep tariffs, it went up to 13k!! We also hadn’t even found a good spot to park it and we’ve had ads up in multiple locations for months. 

So we decided to give up on the tiny house 1 month before the build was about to start. We got refunded 7 out of the 9k already put down on it. We needed to look at other options. I want land more than anything but in Canada you need to put down 50% :( We won’t be able to save that up for another few years so we needed another option that wasn’t paying $1600 rent each month (including utilities and internet that’s what it comes to, and remember this price is CAD and in the area we live it doesn’t get much cheaper than that). 

So that’s where the camper came in! We’re able to finance it, it’s movable to wherever we want, and it’s cheap to live in. So the camper we went with is a 2013 Palomino Puma, it has basically everything we need. At first I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough space to store our business (VeganVeins, we have hundreds of shirts we need to store) but after seeing it in real life I realized there would be enough space. Especially because we are both minimalists, neither of us own a lot of stuff. The travel trailer cost $17.8k but after a mandatory surprise insurance from the dealership and taxes it came to $22.5k CAD.

The main difference between tiny houses and travel trailers is that travel trailers aren’t as customizable and they don’t have as much insulation. They are also lighter than tiny houses. They’re also more socially accepted - for example, it would be almost impossible for us to bring a tiny house to a campground, but we can park our travel trailer in any campground now with no issues.

This is the layout of our camper!

This is the layout of our camper!

Thankfully we’re able to finance this with $0 down so starting next month our payments are $120 biweekly and we can finance it for up to 10 years, but we can also put more down on it whenever we want. We have a current spot to park it in our area for $500 a month, but once spring starts we’ll look for more permanent spots in BC to park it. Ideally somewhere private surrounded by nature! 

We have hook ups for electricity and water, but it would be awesome to go fully off grid in the future. We will be taking out the toilet and adding a compost toilet instead. We’ll get a wifi extender and hopefully that provides us with enough internet. We’ll also have heaters and there is a propane furnace. We’ll be living in it by the end of February - so soon! 

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover just leave a comment or ask me on Instagram @vegan_emily :)

Jamal loves it because of all the windows :)

Jamal loves it because of all the windows :)