Living In A Travel Trailer With 2 Dogs FAQ

Hey! Thanks in advance for reading this. Whenever I post anything RV related, I typically get these same questions. I figured it would be best if I wrote a blog post answering all these questions in one place. I hope I covered everything, but if I didn’t, just send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment here and I’ll add to this :) Also, I have another blog post that goes more in depth about how much everything cost and more HERE. Now onto your questions!

Is there enough space for the dogs?

Yes, there is! Our camper has a slide out in the “living room” so that makes all the difference. Jamal is around 90lbs and Shadow is almost 40lbs but they both have plenty of room. Shadow’s favourite spot to hang out is on the bed and Jamal loves sitting on the couch. They can also sit on the dinette if they want, or on the carpet.

My beautiful daughter sitting at the dinette.

My beautiful daughter sitting at the dinette.

Can you poop in it?

Yup, our travel trailer came with a toilet but we removed it and installed a Nature’s Head compost toilet instead. 

How do you get mail?

We personally get our mail delivered to a family member’s house and pick it up from there whenever we go there (my boyfriend’s grandma’s house). We could open up a PO Box if we wanted to, but we move around too much for that. There’s also this thing called Flex Delivery if you live in Canada (and I know the States has their own version of it) where you can get mail delivered to any post office you want, then you just go and pick it up from there directly. 

Do you travel around with it or stay put?

We stay put with our travel trailer. It’s a bit too heavy for our Tacoma, so we intentionally chose a bigger trailer knowing that it would be parked 99% of the time. For travelling around we have our truck camper that we’re working on. :)

How did you find a spot to park?

Kijiji! We put an ad up asking if anyone had any extra space on their land that we could park our travel trailer on. Someone replied to our ad saying we could park in his driveway, so that’s what we did. 

A beautiful winter day in the prairies.

A beautiful winter day in the prairies.

Have you saved any money?

Personally no just because we run a small business and there are always expenses for that, but then again we HAVE saved money because we only pay $790 for rent (which includes the cost of the trailer to finance each month) instead of $1600 a month (including utilities & internet). Thank god because that $1600 for 14 months straight killed me. 

What do you do for work?

I’m a small business owner, I run an animal rights apparel company VeganVeins. I’m also a freelance writer through the website Upwork. I do so many random jobs through this site with multiple clients - writing articles for vegan blogs, managing social media accounts, creating recipes, and more. 

100% recycled postcards, we have these for all our designs :)

100% recycled postcards, we have these for all our designs :)

What is the one thing you miss the most?

This was such a hard question! I think the only thing I miss is having a dedicated room for my business instead of it just crammed in the small area where the bunk beds are. It’s a challenge storing hundreds of shirts in a tiny space but we make it work. 

Do you like it?

Yes, I do! I love the trailer because I have no issues with living tiny. It’s easier to clean, easier to be outside, and it’s really cosy inside. It’s also nice that we can choose to park our home anywhere we want. 

One of the rare moments that the trailer is spotless.

One of the rare moments that the trailer is spotless.

How did you manage in the winter? 

This winter was really rough for us. In Alberta, it gets down to -50 and that wasn’t fun. We heat our trailer through propane, so we were filling propane tanks up at Costco like every other day just so we wouldn’t freeze to death. We didn’t know this, but covering the propane tanks with a blanket helps keep the tanks warm so they heat the trailer more effectively. We also have an electric wall heater that we installed, and we have a couple of mini portable heaters, one of them is electric and the other one runs off propane. In the future, we will install a mini wood stove in the trailer which will be amazing. We have super warm bedding and lots of thermal socks! We’re comfortable and it’s easy to deal with up until -20, after that it’s still manageable but we go through way more propane. 

How do you get water and power?

We are hooked up to someone’s house so we are plugged into 15amp and he lets us use his water too. We actually don’t have water though (we’ve only had running water for around 2 days) because on one of the -50 nights it just stopped working, the water probably froze and burst in the pipes. Oops! We can’t afford to get it fixed so we’ve just been buying huge jugs of water that I refill at Walmart, it’s the cheapest there. We also connected a water pump to the jugs that you press so it helps get the water out easier. I don’t mind doing this at all! Living without running water is easier than you might think. 

Why did you choose a travel trailer over a tiny home?

100% because of the price. We were already in the process of buying a tiny home, we signed the contract and even somehow put $9000 down. The price of it kept going up and up and up. What we originally thought was going to be 30k, looked like it was easily going to be $60k. I’m broke af and constantly living off my overdraft and credit cards so we literally wouldn’t have even been able to pay for the tiny house if we wanted to (we didn’t get approved for any loans either). The trailer was 17k compared to 60k so it was an easy decision for us. Plus, we get to finance the trailer! So we only have to pay $240 a month. There’s not too much difference in trailers and tiny homes other than the price. However, the nice thing about tiny homes is that they can be better insulated and you get to customize it to how you want. But paying an extra 40k for those 2 things wasn’t worth it to us. 

Darwin (the land owner’s dog) always waiting for me to play with him outside.

Darwin (the land owner’s dog) always waiting for me to play with him outside.

Have you run into any problems while living in it?

Just our water pump not working! This isn’t an issue with the trailer though, it was just our fault for leaving water in the pipes when it was -50. Other than that no issues at all :) 

Do you recommend living in a travel trailer to others?

I really do! It’s the perfect way to save money, live more simply, and travel if you want to. Pretty much anyone can get approved for trailer financing and you can live in it by yourself, with your partner, with kids, dogs, cats etc. 

Do you have internet?

The only internet we have is from the guy’s house. It reaches the trailer but barely. It’s super slow and basically only works if he’s at work. This has definitely been a struggle for us, especially because we both work online. Unfortunately Canada’s phone plans are shit and you can’t get unlimited data like you can in the States, otherwise, this wouldn’t be an issue for us! 

Shadow’s favourite spot in the trailer.

Shadow’s favourite spot in the trailer.

What’s it like cooking in a smaller space?

At first it was pretty hard but you adapt quickly. Also, even though there isn’t a lot of counter space, there are always other places you can use to prep food like the dinette. I still have 4 burners though and an oven so I can cook anything that I normally would. The main thing is you need to do the dishes right away, otherwise it gets so crowded and messy in the small kitchen area. 

The reality of living in a small space - always messy! Also always eating out of pots so we don’t have to do as many dishes with our limited water supply.

The reality of living in a small space - always messy! Also always eating out of pots so we don’t have to do as many dishes with our limited water supply.

Do you get tired of living in a small space?

I really don’t! I’ve never cared about living in a big house. I have enough space to stand and walk around, I have a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room. I’m honestly not missing out on anything. Also, I actually hate being indoors and try to be outside as much as possible. The beauty of the trailer is that it makes it really easy to be outside! 

Our tiny trailer in comparison to the land owners house. We only take up around half the space of his garage, wow!

Our tiny trailer in comparison to the land owners house. We only take up around half the space of his garage, wow!

Did you have to downsize and sell a lot?

I’m already a minimalist so I didn’t have to downsize or sell any of my personal belongings, but we did have to sell our couch, desk, a chair and our king-sized bed (actually that is something I really do miss, my king sized bed haha the dogs take up SO much space on a queen). Oh and our shelves for our business. We donated a few things and I gave lots of food that was in my pantry to my friends, but other than that it was pretty easy to move into it. I was shocked at how much storage the trailer has! 

How do you do laundry?

We don’t have a washing machine or dryer in the trailer, so we do laundry at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house. You could also just use a laundromat which we’ve done many times. I like to only use the washing machine, then bring the clothes back to air dry. 

Why did you choose to live in a travel trailer?

To live more simply, to save money, to not be tied down to a lease, to have more freedom, to be able to move our home whenever we want, and to be outside more. 

Kitchen window sunrise :)

Kitchen window sunrise :)