Grande Prairie Complete Vegan Guide

I’ve been living in the grande prairie area for over 3 years now, so I’m pretty familiar with what vegan options exist! I get quite a few messages of people asking me what vegan options are here so I figured it would be easiest if I combined everything I knew into a blog post :) I also wanted to create a guide for others to share with their friends and family who are interested in trying out vegan options. 

I’ll list the eatery as well as what vegan options they have. If I’m missing anything, please leave a comment or just message me on Instagram and I’ll add it. Here we go! 

Off The Wheaten Path

This is Grande Prairie’s only 100% Vegan place. This family owned restaurant is fully gluten free and uses mostly whole foods which is great. They’re located in the Grande Prairie farmer’s market. Their menu is always changing with delicious yummy meals, and they also have baked goods and homemade drinks. They also offer raw food choices.

Panago Pizza

One of my favourite places in GP! All of Panago’s crusts are vegan (even the gluten-free one) and they offer vegan cheese (Daiya) and vegan pepperoni. They have tons of veggie toppings to choose from, and they even have a dedicated vegan pizza on the menu for you to order. I usually just like creating my own though. The vegan pizza is called Vegan Deluxe Pepperoni. You can also get salads and organic Kiji juice from Panago. 

Firecrust Pizzeria

Pizza is one of my favourite foods, so I’m always looking for the yummiest vegan options. Firecrust is amazing because they have 3 dedicated vegan pizzas on their menu. They use hemp cheese from YamChops, and they also have vegan chicken and vegan sausage. Their vegan pizzas include Salsiccia Vegano, Margherita Vegano, and “BBQ Chick*n” Vegano. They also have a vegan salad called “Veganeze.”

Mucho Burrito

I’ve been to Mucho Burrito more times than I can count. I love getting their “vegetarian taco salad,” it’s vegan as long as you say no cheese. It comes with lettuce, beans, sautéed veggies, guacamole, and salsa. You can ask for rice, squash, veggie crumble, corn, pineapple and more. You can also get vegan burrito bowls and vegan tacos which my boyfriend loves. You get to choose everything that goes into your meal, so just don’t choose any meat or dairy and you’re good! 

They also have salads that can be made vegan and even their quesadillas if you don’t get cheese or sour cream. Unfortunately, I don’t think their tortillas are vegan. I emailed them a couple years ago and they told me the tortillas have L-cystine, which is made from human hair or duck feathers. Maybe they’ve changed the recipe by now though! 


I love going here when I feel like eating something healthier. My favourite thing to get from here is the Buddha’s Satay bowl. Unfortunately, Freshii changed their recipe so the peanut sauce at most locations contains fish now. Luckily, the Grande Prairie Freshii doesn’t do this! If you want a salad, the Umamii salad is vegan. The Umamii wrap is also vegan. 

If you want a bowl other than the Buddha’s Satay, the Teriyaki Twist is vegan. They have 2 vegan burritos: Baja and Khao San. They also have 2 vegan soups, Spicy Lemongrass and Superfood. For smoothies, if you order the Recoverii smoothie without honey it’s vegan. The vegan protein options they offer are tofu and falafel. 

Monica’s Restaurant | Stanford Hotel

Monica’s has a completely vegan menu which is amazing! They serve breakfast, appetizers, desserts, salads and entrees. Just a few of the delicious options they have are nachos, cauliflower wings, taco salad, fettuccine, lasagna, beyond sausages with hash browns, vegan ice cream and more.

Sheshu’s Sizzling Tandoor

Sheshu’s offers authentic North Indian cuisine. They have a few yummy vegan options on their menu. Their vegetarian samosas are vegan. They said that their Samosa Choley, Aloo Tikki, Choley Puri, and vegetarian pakora are either already vegan or can be made vegan. More already vegan/dishes that can be made vegan are Daal Tadka, Channa masala, Aloo Gobi, and Bhindi Masala. Their naan is not vegan but their Roti is, just ask them not to put butter on it just to be sure. Unfortunately, most of their rice has butter in it, but their coconut rice is vegan! 

Burger Heaven

Burger Heaven offers the Beyond Burger. You can choose whatever toppings you want on it. The normal buns are vegan but the gluten-free one isn’t. If you’re gluten free I’m sure you could ask for a lettuce bun though. They also have French fries and you could get a salad with a vegan dressing, they have a couple of vegan Vinaigrettes. They also have another vegan burger option which is less meaty. They also have vegan cheese and vegan mayo here! 

Pita Pit

Pita Pit is a great option for those who want a quick wrap type of meal. Their falafel is vegan and they have hummus to add to it. You could also get a black bean pita wrap or a garden one. Basically all of their toppings are vegan, and they have a few vegan sauces (balsamic, BBQ, light Italian, spicy Thai, teriyaki, special/greek). Their pita chips are vegan and if you want a dessert, their vanilla sorbet is vegan. They also just added Toasted Quinoa Bites to their Vegan menu.

The Butter Chicken Co. 

The Butter Chicken Co. only has 3 vegan options for main meals - Okra Masala (Bhindi), Aloo Gobi and Chana masala. Their samosas aren’t vegan and I’m honestly not sure if any of their rice or bread is. They might be able to accommodate other vegan requests though! 


Earls has a new plant based menu and it’s amazing! This vegan menu includes a Crispy Tofu Zen Bowl, Green Dragon Roll, Spicy Tofu Tacos, Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower, Vegan Field Greens Salad, Vegan Hunan Kung Pao, and a Vegan Quinoa + Avocado Powerbowl. 

The Canadian Thai Restaurant

If you get the fresh rolls from here without Shrimp they’re vegan including the peanut sauce. You could always ask to substitute shrimp with tofu. They have lots of stir fries that could be made vegan with choosing tofu instead of a meat. They also have lots of curries and although I haven’t tried them, they’re all made with coconut milk so I assume if you leave out the meat and substitute with tofu they can be made vegan. The pad Thai can be made vegan and their rice is vegan. 

Hung Fah Thai Restaurant

If you like curries, the curries here can be made vegan by leaving out the meat. They have red curry, yellow curry and more. This restaurant also has steamed rice and coconut rice. I haven’t been here myself, but I assume some of their other dishes can be made vegan too! Of course please double check and ask them if it’s vegan before ordering anything.

Prairie Sushi

My boyfriend loves Sushi and is always looking for the best spots. He loves it here! You can get avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, and mixed veggie rolls. You’d have to double check with them but I think their seaweed salad and tempura might be vegan too. Tempura usually has eggs in the batter so never order it without double checking first!

Grande Prairie Coffee Co.

If you like coffee or tea, this place has plant milks to use in them. They have almond, soy milk, and oat milk. All of their syrups are vegan too. If you go on Monday, their soups are vegan which is awesome. 


This was the first fast food place I ever ate at as a vegan. You probably know, but if you order the beyond burger with no uncle sauce/mayo and no cheese it’s vegan. Their fries are great too and their root beer is the best. They recently got the beyond sausage too. To order this, ask for the beyond sausage veggie style (no eggs and no cheese). You can choose if you want it on a bun or English muffin. Even the margarine they use on it is vegan. Finally, their hash browns are vegan. I love adding a hash brown to the beyond sausage with either ketchup or maple syrup and both taste amazing. 


This is a new Asian buffet in Grande Prairie. They have vegan sushi rolls (avocado, cucumber, or other veggie rolls). They don’t have a ton of vegan options, but they do have fruit available at their buffet. They also have lots of raw veggies to make a salad with and noodles. There’s also steamed rice and steamed veggies there. 

Browns Social House

I haven’t been here myself, but I’ll tell you what others have said is vegan! You can get the avocado toast without parmesan. They also have a dragon bowl, but please double check that the rice is vegan. Also ask for no spicy yogurt sauce on top. They also have veggie sushi rolls. The southwest bowl is vegan, and you can get tofu added to it. Apparently if you ask for tofu, sometimes they add queso fresco to it so just specify that you want it 100% vegan without it.

Wok Box

Wok Box is amazing because they have dedicated vegan options! For noodle boxes, their  Sweet Mongolian, Dan Dan, and Teriyaki is vegan. For rice boxes, the Jungle Lemongrass is vegan and it’s sooo good. Their spring rolls and samosas are also vegan, same with their fortune cookies. 

Famoso Neapolitan Pizza

Yet another pizza place that has vegan options. All of Famoso’s crusts are vegan, and they have Daiya cheese as well. They have the new Daiya recipe so it tastes amazing! I usually get the Margherita with no cheese except for Daiya, and I like to add pineapple to mine. I haven’t tried this because I just love the pizza, but I’m sure a couple of salads and pasta dishes could be veganized. Finally, they have vegan sorbetto which is delicious! 


Booster Juice

Sometimes you just want a smoothie. Even though booster juice has yogurt in many of their smoothies, they can be made vegan by saying “no yogurt.” They have non-dairy milk which can be substituted in any smoothie as well. For food, you’d have to double check 100% that these are vegan, but it looks like their Acai Energy Bowl and Sweet Greens Bowl is vegan. I think their Veggie & Hummus wrap is also vegan, but please ask first! 

Jugo Juice

Similar to booster juice, most smoothies can be made vegan. They even have Vega protein powder. They have lots of fresh pressed juices as well. If a smoothie has whey protein you could substitute that with Vega to make it vegan, and you can also substitute non-dairy milk for any of the dairy milks. 

Wa Sushi

One of the best sushi places! You can get avocado rolls, veggie rolls, or cucumber rolls. They have asparagus and sweet potato for their rolls too. Their edamame is delicious as well. They even have fried tofu available! Their tempura used to be vegan, but you’d have to double check because many places add egg to the batter. 


Not a food place, but worth mentioning in case people don’t know how to order vegan there! My boyfriend’s favourite thing at Starbucks is their black tea lemonade. I love their dragon drink, and also their mango dragonfruit refresher. My favourite item is a vanilla bean frapuccino (ask for soy milk and no whip). I also add raspberry syrup to that and it’s AMAZING. Their caramel fraps are also really good, just ask for soy, no whip, and no caramel drizzle. I also love their iced coffees and iced lates, just say soy or almond milk instead of dairy. 


Fatburger has an amazing veggie burger. It’s different from the beyond burger because you can actually see all the veggie bits. They have 2 veggie burgers, but only one is vegan. The California veggie isn’t vegan because it usually has egg, but this might have changed. Just make sure to ask for no mayo! I always like getting grilled pineapple on mine. Their fries are also vegan and delicious. 


Harvey’s has had a good veggie burger for a while, it’s my sister’s favourite. You can also get fries, and their onion rings are totally vegan and delicious! 


Not related to veganism but I saw a sign on Subway’s window that said free meals for the homeless and that warmed my heart. I love when companies do that! Subway makes great vegan sandwiches. Their vegan breads include Ciabatta Bread, Hearty Italian Bread, Italian (White) Bread, Roasted Garlic Bread & Sourdough Bread. You can get any veggies inside that you want. Their vegan sauces include mustard, sweet onion, red wine vinegar & oil. For snacks, they have apple slices and chips. 

OPA! Of Greece

Opa has great falafel. You can get the falafel platter or the falafel wrap. Make sure to say no tzatziki and no feta. You can ask for hummus instead though. Both these meals come with yummy lemon fries. Unfortunately their rice and roasted Greek potatoes aren’t vegan because they contain chicken soup base. 

Card’s Board Game Cafe

Most of the appetizer dips are vegan here. They also say they will make a vegan version of their veggie melt by request. Sometimes their soup is vegan and they have chips there. They have dairy-free milks for the coffees and lattes which is nice! 

Pizza 73

I know they have vegan Violife cheese but I’m not sure which of their crusts are vegan. I’ve never personally been there and there’s not much information on the website. 

OMG Cupcakes

You can find vegan cupcakes here every Wednesday. They usually have frozen vegan cupcakes any day of the week, but you could always call and ask in advance. 

Tim Horton’s

The oatmeal is vegan here, and so are their hash browns. Most of their classic bagels are vegan including blueberry, cinnamon raisin, everything bagel, plain, and sesame seed. You could get a PBJ toasted bagel. The potato wedges are vegan, and so are the fries and gravy! If you want a sandwich, get the garden vegetable sandwich without the cream cheese. Their harvest vegetable soup is vegan. For drinks, their frozen lemonade and real fruit chills are vegan. 

The Chopped Leaf

You can build your own vegan salad or wrap here. They have all the veggies you could want, and healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice. They also have chickpeas and lots of nuts and seeds. Some of their vegan dressings include chopped balsamic, evil peanut, goddess, chipotle lime citrus and more.

Grocery Stores

You can get a ton of vegan alternatives at the grocery stores here. Vegan yogurt, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, frozen pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, and so much more. Superstore has a ton of vegan options, and so does Save on Foods. Literally every single store now carries vegan alternatives, it’s pretty amazing! 


I hope this helps if you’re in grande prairie and want some yummy vegan food. I tried to be as thorough as possible but I’m sure I missed some things, so like I said earlier please let me know if I did. I will continue to update this guide if I find anything new!